RVskin >> Translator gets free 10 RVskin licenses.

Translator gets free 10 RVskin licenses.

RVskin support both Left to Right and Right to Left languages as now for Arabic, Brazilian-Portuguese, Bulgarian, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese-euc-jp, Japanese-shift_jis, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Simplified-chinese, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional-chinese, and Turkish.

We need translators to improve language files for RVskin cPanel in the following languages. Catalan, Hindi, Persian, Portuguese, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Bosnian, Danish, Tagalog, and more.

Any interested persons, please submit ticket at http://support.rvglobalsoft.com/index.php?cmd=newticket to the Translation department.


  1. Must have a physical address in the country using assigned language as a major language.
  2. Must have Knowledge on cPanel or DirectAdmin web hosting at least 6 months.
  3. Must authorize RVskin to distribute your translated files.

Benefit for RVskin for cPanel Translator

  • Free 10 RVskin for cPanel, perpetual licenses. Use them for your life. 570+290+290=1,150 US$ worth (calculate only for 3 years).
  • All licenses are for your internal use only.
  • All licenses neither resalable nor transferable.